Probably the most powerful video I've ever seen. A teacher showed it to my class once and it reduced 20 teenagers to tears in 10 minutes.

I went to work as normal on Tuesday, which lately means I'm up at 4:35am and out the door by 5, work till 1pm, and then back home. I also have been carpooling with a coworker to save on gas money, etc. My fiance has been okay, nothing seems amiss, valentines day is Thursday, everything is okay with our finances, not doing great, but not struggling, just having a hard time saving anything with bills, etc, and I have a big tax return coming.

On Tuesday I came home and the cars gone, okay I think she's just out running an errand or something. I shovel off the driveway and I headed inside. hmm, where's the dog? wait, where's all my fiance's stuff. She packed it all up, took the dog, raided out joint bank accounts, left me a small pack of cash after closing the accounts, and is gone. I can't reach her by phone, none of her friends or family will tell me where she's gone, just that she's safe, I'm not sure they know to be honest, just gone. We had been together for 6 and a half years in two different countries, just gone.

Anyway, I just wanted to say your comment helped me. Thank you.

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