This is probably my most anticipated Rewatchable

Most Rewatchable Scene: the first bar scene Best Quote: “a momentary lapse of muscle coordination” What’s aged the best: Seeing the 4K rerelease in theaters, it’s still legitimately scary. The soundtrack still holds up too What’s aged the worst: There’s a lot to unpack about Shelley Duvall’s performance, but Kubrick’s treatment of her during filming would not fly in 2019 Saul Rubinek Overacting award: while I think she gave the exact performance Kubrick wanted, Duvall Dion Waters Heat check: BOTH actresses in the 237 scene Joey Pants that guy award: tough one considering the cast is small, but the actor who played Lloyd has been in a lot of stuff (Blade Runner comes to mind) Nitpick: Do we need all the scenes of Dick trying to get back to the overlook? It grinds the movie to a halt Apex Mountain: I would argue this is Nicholson’s Apex. Also Danny Lloyd in his only film role. Who Won the Movie: Clearly Nicholson, although gotta give credit to Danny Lloyd for maybe the best kid (<10 yo) performance ever

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