The problem with Chris Hansen and To Catch A Predator

We're biologically hardwired to like drugs, too. That doesn't mean that we should do them or make it any less illegal. I get your point, I don't agree with a lot of the laws in America, too. But the concept you're getting at not only applies to the age of consent, but other things too: drinking, driving, etc. Each community is different in what's acceptable. Just because something is acceptable in one country doesn't mean that it should be accepted everywhere. It's just not the way the world works. As far as the age of consent laws in America, most people are fine with it. Society changes over time. By your logic we should be able to cut off a man's hand for stealing, just because it was acceptable at some point in history. Maybe it'll get changed one day, but for now it's like this.

Sure men have urges, and sure I'm sure a lot of men think that some girls under the age of 18 are attractive. But that doesn't mean that they should act on them. The same principle applies to rape.

Now onto some other points you made.

1. The pictures the decoys use are actually pictures of underaged kids. They're usually older pictures of someone who is now of age.

2. Every person on TCAP had their day in court. No one was skipped, this is the law. TCAP and the other forces involved all provide evidence, and, in the eyes of the law they have enough to convict.

3. Just because someone talks sexy doesn't mean that they're ready for sex. Again, this falls under rape. "She was asking for it, we talked about sex!" No, it's just talk. Like Chris Hansen tells many of these guys, they crossed the line when they showed up to the house with the intent to have sex. They actually set up the show very well in accordance with the law, and from what I've seen they get legitimate pedophiles. A decent amount of those filmed have prior records.

4. I'd say the majority intend on breaking the law, or at least show the intention of doing so. Do you think it's acceptable for a man to visit a 13 year old kid while they're home alone?

5. "He's just doing it for fame, ratings, money, etc." Ya, but you could make that argument against celebrities who plaster themselves all over charities. It may be the case, but it still doesn't take away the fact that the show does some good, too. The internet is still pretty new, and the older generations don't always know what goes on or how to use this. The show raised awareness on an issue that was pretty big at the time. I don't know how big it is now, but I'm sure it's still prevalent.

6 You're right, he shouldn't have died. But TCAP didn't pull the trigger, he did. I believe it's wrong to pin suicide on someone else. We all have shit that we deal with, that's life. Men in just as powerful positions have gone through what he went through and worse, and they didn't kill themselves. He knew the risk and he took it; it doesn't always pay off.

7. Finally, I hate that excuse. "You want justice? Go overseas and help where it's really a problem." The issue with this is that it's difficult to be effective from such a far distance. You'd have to pack up your bags and move. Even then you'd have a hard time instigating change. You'd have to attack it from a political level, not social. Not enough people care in other countries, and a lot of police are aware of it and either don't care or are corrupt. It's an issue here, and he's focusing on it here.

Sure some of the show's methods may not be the greatest, but its intentions are good. The men who are put on the air are the ones who are very obviously there for sex. TCAP films others, too, but not everyone makes it on the show. TCAP or not, if they were caught by the police or any other organization it would be almost as damaging to their lives. Sure they're broadcasted on television, but everything else is the same. They'd get arrested for the same reasons, even without having sex. Their lives would still be ruined, everyone would find out eventually. And everyone would know what they got caught for because they have to register as a sex offender.

Some people don't like the show. That's fine, don't watch it. It's not entertaining for all, but I don't see anything morally wrong here.

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