Problems to expect living in an RV full time?

My husband and I traveled full time for about 4 months but have been stationary in our camper for about 2 years. We are in our late 20s. Campers aren't meant to be lived in for long periods of times. Things start to break and need to be replaced or fixed. Space is obviously limited. Some people find that infuriating but I personally like it. When I'm out shopping I have to seriously consider if I can fit two more t-shirts in the closet or if one is enough. Same with groceries, do I need more pasta or should I finish off the two boxes in the cupboard first? You have to clean a lot if you don't like clutter because things pile up fast (limited storage). But in a small space, a whole house deep clean takes like 30 min-hour. Doing laundry at the laundromat gets old, but it's not the worst thing. Explaining to people that you are a young person living in an RV park gets exhausting. I love the "lifestyle" but most people think I'm crazy. Usually when they find out monthly rent is $350 they understand. What is the climate like where you are? It only gets in the 80s here in the summer so we don't really run the A/C. A/C does need to be serviced regularly to keep it in good shape. When we traveled we had issues with it running for lengths of time. We lived one winter in a place that snowed. It was miserable and I would not recommend it. However, some newer RV's are better insulated and prepared for winter conditions. Pipes can freeze and break, black water tanks can freeze. The water hose line from the outlet to the camper can freeze (they make heated, insulated hose wraps though). Skirting in the winter also helps prevent freezing issues.

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