Process Server delivered papers to me that are meant for a previous resident of the apartment.

Is this some legal scam?

No. When you register an LLC you contractually agree to keep a current address for either yourself or via an agent that can accept/sign for papers (i.e. get served).

Should I be reporting it to some authorities like the NY Bar?

Won't do any good. The lawyer wants to get a judgement and will get a default as they have met the "terms" of the law. It is easier to win by default than an actual hearing, so in their advantage to not have the LLC receive the paperwork. Equally the server did his job and a judge will very likely allow this as a proper serving since per the LLC contract you are supposed to update your service address within 30 days (some states are 14 days). So 100% on the LLC for missing the document.

Side note: Some LLC's do this to try and avoid getting served as they are already going under or this suit would put them under. Judges hate that and thus why they will give the default judgement for anyone that hasn't updated their LLC service address. So don't fell sorry for the LLC.

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