Professors and university employees of Reddit, what behind-the-scenes campus drama went on that students never knew about?

Where did you get that number from? Upvotes? Upvotes doesn’t equal readership.

You're the one who came in here being super anal. Feel free to prove me wrong. Start a poll or something, since clearly this is a very important issue that definitely matters or changes anything at all.

Otherwise why else would you be at this for over a day? Imagine caring so hard about nothing that you can't admit you're being way too pedantic. Hell, I admitted I was wrong about the 'dozens' and even amended my original comment to include your four "supporters."

Man, I can even outright not reply to anything else you say here because none of this is actually important enough to warrant further effort when it comes to writing more replies.

You though? You're going to keep replying to other people here about this pointless crap that has changed zero minds and by god you'll die on this molehill if you have to!

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