Profile Review - Week of April 09, 2019

Profile: If you are *intentionally* creating a horrible bio, you should *intentionally* spell everything correctly so your audience can tell that you are making deliberate choices. Also I personally hate reading lists with more than 3 items on it when I'm making a quick swiping decision. I'd cut your 4 reasons to 3... (Reason number 4 doesn't really fit with the remainder of the profile either, that's the one I'd ditch for this scenario.)

Photos: If you include the ab shot, the second one is the best, and like someone else said: ditch the rest of the fashion shoot shots - they come across as posed, trying too hard, and disingenuous. While yes we want to fuck attractive people, we also want to meet and fuck real ones, or we wouldn't be on Tinder in the first place.

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