Profile Review: 28M / International (SEA) / What Should my GMAT Score be?

  • Managerial is not necessary but can help
  • High GMAT (around the class average) is necessary
  • No guarantee that you receive $$ at any of the schools. I know people from Manila with a 770 GMAT who got in at several of your target schools but without any scholarship. So don't count on it.
  • Target schools are realistic but again, no scholarship guaranteed. Schools don't consider internals as URM or ORM (terminology only exists for domestic students). Obviously some demographics are tougher (i.e. Indian male engineer) but in general your nationality won't really help or hurt you. Let's put it that way: if you were a Japanese/British female it would help your case more.
  • Online MBA will (I believe?!) not grant you work authorization in the US. Also there are usually no (big) scholarships for PT and online MBAs
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