Programming Is Not for Everybody

Programming is for everyone but the culture, expectations and time doesnt wait for anyone.. in old days, making a simple C programm was a big acheivement but today they need you to know everything.. all programming logics, all algo and bullshit.

Come to india, and bois you will hate your life being a programmer. Regret and then take depression pills

To be honest, everyone can be a programmer if they believe in themselves. The moment you write a program is the day you become a programmer.

But if you are talking as industry per se.. not everyone can be programmer. It needs people who can sit on computer 24x7, write flawless code and take a lot of toxicity from work environment.

I changed my career at the right point after being 3 years of coder/programmer..

Because i was knowing that if i sit here for a bit more, i will be in asylum. I am not that strong neither a fast grabber neither so much talented that time moves slowly for me.

So ending note : bruh, you are a programmer in my eyes, learn what it teaches you but if you want to compare it to industry programmer word.. then not everyone is cut for it. Its better to find other feilds and use the programming skills there.

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