progressive vs conservative christianity

there was another guy that was considered a complete nutcase by many, it was Jesus, too. What I'm trying to say is, clearly the majority of "Christians" don't believe in the Biblical Jesus. They believe in another Jesus, a nice, sanitised, liberal Jesus that cares about niceness. You want me to become a progressive. ok, but, I'm just saying, there isn't a progressive god. im a nutcase and i admit it. but what have i done to insult anyone? I just argued that conservativism is better. i couldnt help but laugh because it seems funny because its absurd.

I can be a progressive. but which version of progressives are you talking about. the nice atheist, or the atheists that did communist china. communist russia. i can go on. cambodia. those atheists.

in the end i will be one of the guys fighting those atheists with a douchebag grin even if im insane. i will be there on the frontlines. it takes a insano to know another insano, Jesus. Jesus the warrior.

I'm sorry I'm this way, truly I am, if it offended you. If I was a progressive I would be a communist, pure and open about it. but it goes agaisnt my conscience.......

the bible has heroes like Samson. David. they killed people.

I'm a nutcase, conservativism did that to me. answer my question then, is the bible a false book.

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