Proof Raven is full of shit

After watching that, I started looking up info on Gastroparesis. First and foremost it's not considered to be hereditary. Onset is usually in the fourth decade of life, and usually the result of an underlying condition such as diabetes or an auto-immune disorder. From what I understand, and correct me if I'm wrong, it develops as a result of prolonged damage to the nerves that are responsible for emptying the stomach. It's not something you're born with.

I find it very telling that her mom goes into a whole diatribe about how doctors thought she had a psychological issue and no one would believe her, not even her parents......until she got her gastroparesis diagnosis

Here are the symptoms for gastroparesis:

Symptoms most commonly associated with gastroparesis are chronic nausea, vomiting, early satiety, and post-prandial fullness. Gastroparesis may be associated with either weight loss or weight gain, abdominal pain, reflux, and anorexia.

Personally speaking, I once went through a severe and prolonged state of illness where I experienced every single one of these symptoms. I lost 40 pounds in two months, could not digest any type of solid food without getting violently ill. Thing was, no doctor could find anything wrong with me. I saw a Gastroenterologist, a medical microbiologist, I was tested for ever condition under the sun and nothing. The person that finally solved the mystery was my dentist. I woke up one morning in severe pain and physically unable to open my jaw more than half an inch. I ran to the dentist in fear I had a bad tooth infection that had spread. The dentist looked me over for a few minutes and said "Honey, there's nothing wrong, your jaw is just clenched shut". I explained I was NOT doing this on purpose and what she said changed my life, "you've been walking around for months with your jaw clenched shut and the muscles are just exhausted and over worked". She started talking to me about anxiety and how a clenched jaw was a really common way people internalize anxiety. Before this I never even considered myself to have anxiety problems, I always just handled things and moved on. But the reality is I wasn't. I buried all my stress and anxiety inside and it manifested itself in severe digestive issues. My GP gave me a low dose SNRI prescription and immediately every digestive problem I had went away. I was only on it for a year and then was able to withdraw safely. This was 8 years ago and I've never had any other digestive issues since.

I know this was a crazy long, boring storing but the point I'm trying to make is that the mind is one powerful mother fucker. I literally thought I was dying, my physical symptoms were 100% real, I wasn't faking or exaggerating anything, and I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have a doctor tell you "you're fine", when you know you are anything but. The difference is, when someone finally brought up the idea of it being anxiety/stress induced, I was receptive and willing to see if that was the cause. And it was. If somewhere along that journey before realizing it was anxiety, some specialist brought up the possibility of Gastroparesis, I would have clung to it with my life. Finally an answer! I'm not crazy! It's embarrassing in a lot of ways to realize your state of mind is responsible and unfortunately a lot of people are not receptive to that possibility and are beyond determined to get a medical diagnosis for validation.

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