Proof that Reddit will never be happy

You have no idea what you're talking about in every single comment you've made. Blatant lies that sound like they came from a 15 year old with a pathological lying problem - really dumb lies and over compensating defense of those lies.

You dont have 2 accts with 60mill.
You didnt email Amazon about one account.

You don't know anything about how they tackled the duping problem (excel, really? obviously would be something like a SQL query for a start)

Your idea about new servers or a wipe is dumb. 3 months down the road a new dupe is found, you gonna wipe again? Say goodbye to the playerbase.

And to top it all off you're rude and condescending to everyone else asking you questions on your ridiculous claims. Luckily this is only a game, but this pattern of "thinking"/discussion/whatever is a plague on social media and society.

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