Proposal: recommended systems

Near impossible to do properly, due to the pure objectivism of this hobby.

Many of us believe that all amplifiers sound the same, so how can we in good faith recommend one amplifier over another?

I'd argue that it's probably impossible find a turntable better than the Technics SL-1200. Others would argue that it's a DJ turntable that's only good for "entry level". Others would suggest that its a good table, but the arm us it's big weakness. Evidence suggets that there's nothing wrong with its arm.

Do all DACs sound the same? should everyone go out and but ls50s and klipschs? does foam acoustic treatment work or not?

to me, audio forums are a place ehere people blindly put too much faith in the opinions of their peers, and spend a waste bunch of money accordingly. Because they got told that they need X component to sound good, and then Y is "cold and harsh" or something

It is clear based off the rigs posted on this sub that everyone's just constantly spending kmoney based off what other people think rather than just chilling. So many Klipsch, ls50, genelec, schiit

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