Proposed: Adding "Why 60 fps is better than 30 fps" gifs to the list of common shitposts we all silently agree to just downvote into oblivion

Seriously, be they scrolling white text against a black background, or UFOs flying by at adjustable speeds, these low-effort posts have been spreading like the plague on this esteemed sub recently. I argue for the following reasons, my valued Brothers, that they should be deemed a type shitpost and dealt with accordingly.

  1. Everyone on this sub already knows that 60 fps is better than 30. In fact, half the comments on these types of posts is whinging about why there's no 144 fps example.

  2. They're not very useful for converting peasants. Seriously, I've almost never seen a peasant actually become convinced to ascend based on an fps demo. They either retreat into arguments about exclusives or point out, with a certain degree of validity, that the clip in question isn't a very good representation of an in-game experience because of the lack of background detail which distracts the eye from the stuttering (unless you're talking about the fps rate of, like, Thomas Was Alone for some godforsaken reason).

  3. Taking together the facts that we're just repeating what we all already know to one another coupled with the fact that outsiders find the arguments unpersuasive, I propose that the constant recirculation of the sorts of gifs only serve to confirm the suspicions many people already have about the PCMR. That is: They make us look like a bunch of circlejerking twats who enjoy the smell of our own farts.

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear brothers of the PC Master Race, the prosecution rests. If the defense has any rejoinders, please make them now. Otherwise, kindly recuse yourselves to the jury room for deliberations.

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