Proposed Alabama law would require residents to pass drug tests to get food stamps. What do you guys think of this?

I'm pretty certain the study you cite was a California study and it wasn't even really a study... It was the amount of people on welfare who were fined/arrested for welfare fraud.

That's a pretty bad way of looking at the state. A vast majority of people abuse the system (I know, I grew up on the system). Free money is free money. People use whatever legal (any sometimes illegal) means of making money.

I can't speak for every single state on their own individual programs, but the system is easily abused. Writing off all medical bills below a certain income threshold. Food stamps, living assistance, affordable housing projects, ect... Not everyone makes up identities and tries to collect 6 figures off of food stamps. However, a lot of people do refuse to move up and make more money to continue living off of welfare.

To argue otherwise is just ignorance. Everyone I know in the projects is only there because they don't want to work a full-time job, or take on more responsibilities (whether that be job related or financial). I even had the same mindset when I was a little younger. Instead of getting into real estate or something, how about I continue to work my full-time job which was just enough to keep me under the threshold for a few welfare assistance policies. If I had to go to the doctors, I never had to pay for a bill because I knew the government would foot the bill. A LOT of people on welfare think this way, and its both sad and sick because it creates literal dependency.

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