Proposed secularism bill would force Singh to remove turban in public sector gig: Quebec MNA

Sad day for you... 74% of Quebecois support this law and 90% support the proposal that religious face covering should be made illegal.

To get a number as high as 90% requires a MAJORITY if non-French Quebecois to agree...

Quebec is 80% french, 8% english and 12% "other". So either 90% of the "other" are on board or 100% of the English and 20% of the "other" agree are or at least 50% of each are in agreement... With approval numbers like that Quebec could have gone a lot further.

Anyway, it has been a long time since a law has received such an amount of support.


  • 90% agree that religious veils that hide the face should be illegal
  • 74% want the ban to apply to Judge and Crown prosecutors
  • 74% want the ban to apply to cops and prison guards
  • 69% to teachers and Principals
  • 67% think the ban should extend to daycare workers,
  • 60% agree with the use of the notwithstanding clause
  • 55% oppose a grandfather clause

The CAQ only got 37.42% of the vote in the 2018 election... This means that Bill 21 is getting support from voters of all major political parties and that the majority of the support comes from people who did not vote for the CAQ...

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