Proposed start of small and unexpected things we all wanted but were afraid to ask Please consider supporting - an Earth Constitution paragraph

Not to imply this is part of the Constitution paragraph but more thoughts...

Also, which countries or groups would likely be most interested in this, like maybe they are denied their right to a reality of democracy and handed just the word, or who is looking for a people based system of debate leading to solving at least half of the worlds big problems we should hope, and has others in mind they'd like to bring to everyone's attention in this possibly uncomfortable lack of shadows to hide their secret associations with those in power unknown to the people, all 7 billion of them, may be very interested to either question them on why the whole system of problem solving has shut down and been replaced with nobody knows. I'd like to speak to any such shadow dwellers in a fair and solution seeking way, but if they dont show up they're not in the game. We've not been in theirs for far too long, as they took us out of the loop. Here's their chance to explain why we should continue to use their preferred currency, obey laws they may have unfairly influenced, and why we shouldnt just declare money illegal on every thursday just as an experiment for some time... You never know what highly frustrated or apathetic people will do. I hope its not violence as tends to happen toward the shadows when commands come out but our talk doesnt go in. In fact, if 90% carefully thought and agreed, and to this I would never agree it attacks a problem after its happened instead of solving the root cause, but it is not unheard of for leaders or other infamous to have their head proudly displayed on a pike as a warning to respect democracy and freedom. As long as leaders allow torture in rare necessary cases, it would be hard to convince billions of angry people, if someone were not to show up to negotiate a better way to get things done in the world, to forgive those who fear to appear for a real debate on, and I say this not speculatively but as observation of many things in the world, there are lots of people who would love to start World War 3. I prefer we have 90% agreement instead and just ignore any control from the shadows, but its hard when everyone I've asked, for example, has no idea why patent law cant be voted on or reformed in some way, who to ask, on what conditions it would or wouldnt happen, or can we all get together and buy them all out using a shared piece of OUR tax money. Also, never forget that all taxes are the peoples money to be spent exclusively on us or things we would approve of if we understood, and I hope to expose anyone who has abused our trust and stolen from democracy. Within the interactions of a democracy, there is no greater crime than being an Enemy Of The People, and that goes ABOVE being an Enemy Of The State. Those who forget who they work for often find their paycheck missing, and the people have the right to audit anyone in government we think isnt doing their job, which means they cant hide behind the few top people since everyone knows 1 person cant do it all, nor should we expect it of presidents congress etc, so those tasks needing an investigative eye which cant be provided by the entity being investigated would, for Earth Security reasons, possibly need to see your private National Security records on any suspected crimes, but hopefully no search without probable cause of a crime, something most people are denied and we should try to take the high road and see if others follow. Also, I hereby grant temporary guest Earth citizenship to all peaceful intelligent life forms who may have already or may later visit, and from now on these should be immediately broadcast to everyone for purposes of free speech if we and they may want to have a conversation. Anything which may affect the peoples important thought process leading to 90% agreements, if thats how they want to do things, should be told to us all.

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