Protesters in Mexico claim that German arms manufacturers exported rifles to a corrupt local police department implicated in the disappearance of 43 students

Nothing about the protesters being "guerrillas", only an attempt to imply that they might become guerrillas someday. Interesting corporate pedigree on the website.

Article is about guerrilla groups who "seemed awakened by the disappearance of 43 normalistas". Nothing about the "normalistas" being guerrillas.

Exact same article as previous article. Nice try.

Claims the school's founder, long dead, was a guerrilla, but zero claims that the kidnapped students were guerrillas. If they had any shred of evidence, they'd try to make that claim, but they don't.

The word "guerrillas" does not even appear in this article. Another attempt by you to link students and teachers to guerrillas?

The word "guerrillas" does not even appear in this article. Graffiti artists are guerrillas?

A cousin of a long-retired guerrilla was one of the kidnapped, therefore the kidnapped were guerrillas? "None of these groups operate today as guerrilla movements did in previous generations" says the article. "They do not target civilians or political enemies, or rarely stage public demonstrations of force as the EZLN in Chiapas. Guerrillas in Guerrero mostly release communiques or videos on YouTube, both of which are difficult to confirm as credible."

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