Protesters tear down statue of Christopher Columbus around 2 months of continues protest

Don't bother arguing, I looked through /u/SlotsOfThots history and I really feel pity for him more than anything. It's self hating white bigot, with a history of posts hating white people, a few I've found so far hating Asians (specifically Chinese though other comments just use "Asian" so I'd assume not limited to Chinese), and homophobia as apparently no one has told him that "gay" isn't an insult.

Though most of his post history is dedicated to trying to pick up girls in the comments in porn subs (lmfao) and trying to get OnlyFans content for less money by insulting the women. An absolute baller to be sure.

The most alarming thing I've found is him saying he has an AR-15, which is absolutely terrifying given his clear mental/attitude issues, though I hope he was joking about owning weapons.

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