Protestors getting hit by cars.

You haven't read a fucking word I have written, they are not the same they hate america in different ways.

Border enforcement doesn't require separating kids from their parents and shoving them in cages and abusing them, but thats what Trump has done.

Remember this great country of america, built on the backs of immigrants, by immigrants for immigrants.

This doesn't even come close to the republicans hating the secular nation which the forefarthers expressly desired to create after suffering persecution in Europe.

Or their complete disregard for all parts of the constitution that doesn't benefit them personally.

Or their complete disrespect and defunding of veterans programs.

Or their desire to remove social security protections so elderly people end up paying for wall street to make bigger bets without having to take any of the risk.

I can keep going, both parties hate america in different ways, but they also love parts of america equally in different ways.

You came here with an agenda, to declare that democrats are evil america hating scum and you are blinding yourself to EVERYTHING that proves you are biased, ignorant and purposefully evading answering simple questions.

You are the most unamerican piece of shit I have ever come across.

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