Protestors set a house of the government on fire in Bolivia. Im posting this videos on reddit because nobody cares about my country. Help please.

The media don’t want us to see protests where people actually demand real change. That’s why they amplify the Hong Kong protests so much and ignore protests happening in Iraq, Bolivia, Chile, etc. Now since this subreddit seems to have taken the “Hong Kong protests are extremely important” media bait, let me explain my criticism of the protests.

First of all, going out and protesting your government, and throwing Molotovs at cops is good. I’m gonna preface my statement with the opinion that I have nothing against their tactics or what they’re doing. HOWEVER, the protest demands are weak as fuck. They have 5 demands.

  1. No more extradition bill
  2. People arrested protesting will be set free
  3. people arrested protesting won’t be charged
  4. people arrested protesting will have their records scrubbed
  5. Less corporate control of the government

1 just takes them right back to square one. 2-4 are just related to the protest. And 5 only asks for there to be less corporations in control of the political system. So there’s literally only 1 real demand (the last one) and it’s not even that good. Hong Kong has one of the highest costs of living in the world. Why aren’t they demanding affordable housing? Higher pay? Better social services? I think it’s because most of them are relatively wealthy (not a stretch to come to this conclusion when you consider what portion of HK is wealthy as well as the fact that they only actually protest on weekends and aren’t demanding any quality of life improvements) and the reason the media constantly shows us what’s going on over there and not in for example, Chile. Is because the people of Chile are tired of the “freedom” that the CIA gave them when they overthrew their leader in the 70s when a socialist started trying to fix the problems Americans caused in Chile leading up to this point. Where as Hong Kong are protesting the designated American enemy— China.

They’re not gonna show you the Haitians burning American flags on TV, but I’m sure you’ve seen those HK protesters holding American flags asking America to intervene.

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