Protests planned around the Valley tomorrow ahead of House Impeachment vote

I hate sounding like such a cynic to these well meaning liberals on the internet but you are absolutely right.

I’ve been to lots of protests in Phoenix over the years and they are more like parties than actually “protesting”—lots of cute signs, some food trucks, maybe a couple people wearing black bloc, half the people are getting stories for their IG, and lastly the protestors are chaperoned by police.

One thing is for sure, the politicians do not give a shit about these safe protests. They are not worried about a bunch of kids who think they are “taking it to the streets”. In fact it probably encourages them to know we’re unhappy but all were willing to do is shout on a street corner w til the police tell everyone to go home.

The protests don’t have the teeth of the abolitionists or the balls of the civil rights movement. These are desperate attempts at political relevancy by doing the bare minimum and proclaiming “I’m helping!” without actually having to strike

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