(Prototype) Respect Arthas Menethil, The Lich King. (Warcraft Universe)

-The Lich King

Theme: Arthas, My Son)


Character Description:

Feat Legend: Feats will be annoated with the following, to indicate the following states:

NZ:LK Feats for Ner'Zhul, after he became The Lich King; before fusing with Arthas. (Image)

Pala Feats for Arthas Menthil, when he was a Paladin; before his corruption from Frostmourne. [Image](

DK Feats for Arthas Menthil, after obtaining Frostmourne; before fusing with Ner'Zhul. ([Image](

LK Feats for The Lich King, the fusion of Ner'Zhul and Arthas Menthil.



  • Shattered an arena floor, breaking the wood and the thick ice it lay on.LK

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Speed / Agility:

  • Outmaneuvered Illidain Stormrage in a DuelDK

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  • Takes many hits from Azeroth's greatest champions.DK

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Fighting Ability / Skill:

  • Best Illidain Stormrage in a duelDK

  • Fought of a horde of zombies, during a breakout of zombie plague in the city of StraholmePala

Ice Magic:

  • Encased Tirion Fordring in a icy tomeLK

  • Can create an icy blizzard wherever he walks.

Shadow Magic / Unholy:

  • Effortlessly knocked back the world's greatest paladin's on Azeroth's most holiest site.LK

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Raising the Dead:

  • Able to raise a legion of ghoulsLK

  • Raised Sindragosa, a magical blue dragon; from the deadLK

Control Over the Dead:

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Soul Magic

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  • Able to project an image of himself across a continent

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Canonical Notable Fights

Wins: (4)

Losses: (1)

  • Arthas MenethilDK Vs. Illidain Stormrage (Won)

  • Lich KingLK Vs. Jania Proudmoore (Won)

  • Lich KingLK Vs. Sylvanas Windrunner (Won)

  • Arthas Menethil & Azerothian Adventurer's Vs. Mal'Ganis (Won)

  • Lich KingLK Vs. Azeroth's greatest champions, Tirion Fordring & Terenas Menethil's Spirit (Lost)

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