Province proposed changes to increase the variety and amount of available housing. Councillor Knoll shared what "More Homes Built Faster" means to Oakville homeowners and prospective buyers. Consider Oakville's election was fought over development primarily.

All great ideas … for somewhere else.

This is Oakville. It’s established. You know what you’re getting when you move here, and that’s why people aspire to move here.

Want to remake Netherlands, or some idealistic civic utopia? Cool. Love it. That’s not Oakville.

You know what isn’t needed? More high rise condos. Those behemoths at Dundas and Trafalgar are monstrosities and now that they’re built people are realizing what a bad idea it was. And they want to build more.

“Well what about affordability?!?!?”

I hear Hamilton is nice and more affordable. No one says you have to stay here.

“But I want to stay here!!!”

And what is it about Oakville that makes you want to stay? The abundance of green space? The nice neighborhoods where people aren’t jam packed together? The low levels of crime? The good schools? Oh you mean all those things, and more, that make this a very highly desirable place for people to move to, especially families, if they can afford it … the kinds of people that want larger single family homes, with yard space, and parks? Yeah you’re competing with those people. And they don’t care about buses. Sure, they’ll support more bus routes or the frequency of buses or whatever, but they don’t care one way or the other. What they do care about is the drivers of the roads … which seems to be getting more reckless out there … they care about the safety and cleanliness of their neighborhoods … noting a lot more shopping carts just strewn about on the sides of the road and left in parks …

/ramble off

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