[PS4] H: legendary steel scrap W: max caps or trades

If this was a move towards cutting back the incentive for high levels to play that legendary farming has become, they're doing it in a very underhanded way by slipping in a major change under the umbrella term 'bug fix' like it wouldn't be noticed. I hope they don't think the encryptid event or the burrows compensates for the (even if unintentional) best hook they have to keep players in servers. What are we meant to do then, drop nukes till the game lags? Hence why I still hold a decent degree of hope they do as you say and fix legendaries without removing them. Furthermore a sheepsquatch that only became a two star legendary when it regened and still dropped nothing but basic this afternoon is an indicator the bug(s) run deeper than a legendary tag. Either way, its all speculation at this stage, but i hope they bring out a solution that doesn't involve simply putting out fires from here on out

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