[PS4] W: weapons H: trades

Hiiii do you still have the VSS +1str ? I have a VSS +1 str death claw gauntlet. We can trade that and I’d throw in caps. Or I can pay 25k caps full. Or if you’re interested, I have:

Vanguard +50% fall dmg +25% disease resist left leg

Vampire swing speed +1 str death claw gauntlet

Vampire swing speed +1 str machete

Vampire single action revolver exploding +250 dmg resist reload

Furious SS 90% reduced weight death claw gauntlet

Furious SS ski sword

Two shot explosive dragon

Suppressor 25% ffr +250 resist reload .44 pistol

Beserker explosive +15% reload 10mm pistol

Assassin +1 agility weapon weights reduce by 20% combat armor right leg

Mutant +1 str sneak metal right leg

Weightless Cavalier +1 End Forest Scout Chest

Vanguard combat 1 star chest and left arm

Vanguard leather right leg lvl 1

Vanguard wood right arm lvl 5

And I also have friends who own shops if you wanna check out their mules. I have a really small collection but I’m sure you can find something from theirs. Thanks for reading this

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