PS5 Heat?

Been trying to see if it gets hot for the past couple of days but I'm having a hard time even telling if its been on because its so cool, and thats after 4 hour gaming sessions. Seriously, its surprised me so much its kinda freaking me out a bit. There is NO heat. Not even on the exhaust at the back.

Don't worry, not a bragging "look at me, my PS5 is perfect post" does have coil whine. Not loud, but its right at a frequency that gets right inside my head. Once I'm out of the menus and into a game though its all good, I can get past it.

Even with that I do realise I'm one of the lucky ones. And the type of heat you're describing is something I was expecting and honestly thought it would be just normal, but the lack of heat I'm getting is nuts. And I've never heard the fan yet either.

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