PS5 Pulse Headset - $100 + $30 back kohls cash

Guess you havent tried enough headphones in your life to know the difference

Have you tried the PC38x, widely considered to be the best headset for gaming across the board?

Dont even bother comparing comfort because it's no contest

If you are cool with wearing ON EAR headphones in 2021 thats great

But there is a good reason why Bose, Sony, Apple, Sennheiser, and Beyerdynamics all offer AROUND EAR headphones as their flagship models.

Simply because they are much more comfortable than on ear.

The 3D pulse doesnt even have a method you can use to adjust the fit on your head

What headphone in 2021 that costs $100+ is "one size fits all"?

It's a joke, so please stop steering people in the wrong direction

Arctis 7p can be head for nearly the same price as the 3D Pulse Headset, has a better mic, same or better battery life, and still offers PS5 3D audio.

Why anyone would choose the 3D Pulse Headset when there are much better wireless and wired options confuses me.

But hey you do you! Enjoy!

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