PSA: if you visit this sub then please read this

I think Adam and Josh should be reinstated as mods if possible. Compromise is an excellent tool. This is a NJ reddit. Adam is NJ’s creator. I think he and Josh can be trusted to let ppl get their ish off. They should be able to bitch back at the reddit whenever inclined.

All of this seems to be ego driven. If the mods, participants, and creators of this reddit respect the platform and want to continue to develop any significant rapport (personal or impersonal) giving them space on a platform created to appreciate their work is fair and appropriate.

It’s easy to feel like the NJ crew has no respect for whatever goes on here but in actuality, anyone who pays attention can see that it does affect the platform and they (at least some of them) are tuned in here too. That’s dope af and should not be overlooked.

If it’s a love/hate relationship, let it flow without anyone feeling like they can or should silence or limit the other (within reason of course).

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