[PSA] I'm Adding Bro-Knighting To My List Of Bannable Offenses

Might get downvoted for this, but it seems like more and more subjects are being censored here. It's not on SRS levels yet, but I can't be the only one who's starting to get that vibe. I understand a sub with almost 90k subscribers is going to need some quality control. I understand banning concern trolling, man-shaming, and outright bro knighting, but does this mean the merits of sleeping with women with SO's can no longer even be discussed or debated? Is there now some sort of "acceptable" way to respectfully disagree? I don't condone shaming others, but is it no longer OK to accept and respect the tenets of the sub but still disagree? You can read the sidebar and internalize it and still disagree. The whole "shut up and read the sidebar" thing is becoming a bit of a circlejerk IMHO, but that is another story. Requiring people to read the sidebar is one thing, but accepting it as infallible holy scripture is another.

My decision not to get involved with women with SO's is personal, and I've never expected anyone else here to necessarily agree. I'd never shame a man for his own sexual choices here, so long as he owns the potential consequences. It is when they hamster it that I find it hypocritical. Saying "sleeping with taken women is wrong because of my personal views/it hurts other men's feeeeels" is one thing, but having an honest discussion considering the realistic implications of a society where morality is completely divorced from sex is another. With the understanding that not everyone on TRP will or should agree with you. I see no reason why such a discussion need be silenced.

Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but it seems like this post is implying that even if you've read the materials and respect that TRP as a whole takes no moral positions on sexual strategy, if you don't personally agree that men should be free to sleep with women with SO's and see nothing wrong with it, you need to just shut up.

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