[PSA] I'm Adding Bro-Knighting To My List Of Bannable Offenses

Unfortunately, regardless of our religious or moral views the facts are clear.

The majority of women and (men) will either cheat on you or cheat with your GF,Plate or LTR on a heartbeat. To kid yourself otherwise is wrong.

So from a non-religious, non-moral point of view, their is nothing wrong with cheating.

But the fact is, if you were the guy who's wife was getting fucked by some random dude, you would be pretty pissed.

So in my opinion, the best thing to do is to COMMIT and INVEST absolutely NOTHING in anybody but yourself.

Investing in others is just setting yourself up for eventual disappointment or heartbreak in the future, in my opinion.

Investing in a woman (or a man) and placing them on a pedestal or trying to delude yourself that they are not human is a common mistake among blue pills, in my opinion.

Realistically, you should assume every possibility that has shown to consistently occur as a part of human activity will OCCUR.

The problem is betas who invest in woman and then delude themselves into believing that said woman is a saint or completely 100% loyal.

THIS IS NOT THE CASE, it will never be the case unless you exert 100% control over said woman.

While sexual strategy is immoral, that does not mean it is without risks, like the hubby or the bf finding out and going psycho on your ass ala Jack Nicholson in the Shining.

TLDR: Never invest, put faith in, or put anyone except yourself on a pedestal. To do so is to set yourself up to failure.

IF you assume the worst in people, then worst case scenario you guessed right.

IF you assume the best in people, sooner or later your assumptions are going to be crushed and you'll be devastated if said individual was your wife or bro friend backstabbing you.

ALSO: PUMP AND DUMP, spin plates, avoid emotional attachment.

All woman practice Hypergamy and can and will trade up with the man shie is married with in a heartbeat.

All in all although telling someone who's wife your banging that they are cheating on them would probably get you killed if you did it the wrong way.

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