PSA: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is not available to Canadian subscribers

I do know this. I don’t expect anything from Ipsy at this point. I just stated be nice to know if they will be working on actively bringing this to Canada. I full expect to pay more for shipping to us! And happily do so (ok maybe some grumbling about shipping rates but that’s because our rates are so high). Most of the brands included in the PR boxes are already in Canada. Like I said it’s my opinion. No one needs to agree with me or tell me that I am wrong. I get what I am asking is not what is going to happen. I just wish for way more clarity. I am not some young pup and I fully understand how the world works. Doesn’t mean I can’t ask questions or put my opinion out there. I have been ordering these boxes for over a year and this one I was super excited for and way let down to find out they aren’t shipping to us. Even more let down being told they may not offer this to us. I hope this is so successful for them that they do offer us (even a variation of it) Nothing is concrete as of yet. Things change.

Before this was announced I was hoping they offer levels of subscription for this bag cause I enjoy it so much. For example. Offer more samples with one bag for more money. I would like two subs combined into one with only one bag and one shipping. And I hear they were sending out emails asking about if people were interested. Hope this ones comes to light for us.

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