PSA: use mute instead of votekick

sorry, i wasnt particularly clear, but i was trying to adress your comment about it not being "your right" to kick someone because of age.

My point is that its not about "rights." Neither side has the explicit "right" to anything, the ESRB doesnt forbid people from playing games, and it doesn't police online content. What's more the company doesn't expressly say what are "kickable" offenses, hence why they leave "no reason given," as an option. Technically your free to kick some one for literally no reason given.

To put it simply, there are no real "rights" involved. You dont have a "right" to be on mic, and the team doesnt have the "right" to vote you off for using the mic. No one has any "right" to do anything. Really, it's more reciprocating courtesies, if anything.

And i do mean courtesies, for example, it is rude to kick someone just for being a 12 year old on mic, but many people would consider it rude for a 12 year old to use the mic.

It's all about preference. There are no rules requiring the 12 year old to be kicked, but there are also no rules requiring the 12 year old to use the mic. It's all about the preference of the server. And this is why i brought up self-policing.

As with all self-policing, its powers are easily "abused," you can kick anyone for any reason given, and there is NOTHING that prohibits you from doing so. Valve leaves nearly all day-to-day regulation of servers to the players. And there are no formal restrictions for anything.

So hence me driving home the point that no one has any "right" to do anything, merely the power to do so. There's really no moral high ground here because its all about preference.

You can easily say that the kid should be allowed to play, but the counter argument is that it takes the majority to kick him, if he is ruining the experience of the majority of people on his team, why should they have to put up with him?

And yes you can mute. And thats far-and-away the more prudent option as both sides are satisfied, but I firmly believe no-one has express "rights" to do anything in this situation.

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