PSA to Newbies & Amateur Investors Before You Lose It All

What you dint understand is that these young folks are already doomed to corporate slavery for the rest of their lives because you boomers fcked everything up. So even if they lose all their money now, it doesnt matter because they're going to work for the next 3o years anyways.

Boomers ruined my chance for promotions, decent pay, job opportunities, the chance to buy a house, the climate and so much more. Yet here boomers are protecting their money as if its gold and not realizing the younger generations know theyre fcked anyways.

This bnb is a clash of generations and I support my people millenials fully. Even if they lose it all it wont change the shtty environment boomers created for us. So the risk to reward of taking their money is worth it imho.

Bunch of bullies, all they are.. leaving us with a worse world then before they were even born. How despicably shameful of then.


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