[PSA] Off color characters are worthless on high level event quests

I can literally solo the extreme with my maribelle or xander alone, and fast, both are currently at around 1.2k strength.

Malka and luka in comparison, who are around 800 strength, are far slower and deal much less damage overall. Trust me when I say you want me to bring the first two.

Basically you're really overestimating the elemental boost, especially for content as ridiculously easy as the event extremes.

And since I saw you talk about dragon masters, guess what? In many cases I end up with full teams of off-element people even when I'm on element, and the runs of every dragon minus zodiark are very fast (aka we're dealing enough dps) and painless.

The only times runs go south is if a player is bad skill wise, in which case they'll perform bad even if they're on element.

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