PSA: To The People Waiting For Steam Release or Buying Outside of R*'s Launcher.

Want to hear a "funny" story? I spent 5 hours last night trying to install the Rockstar Launcher - it refused to install the Social Club competent no matter what I did. Eventually I had to reinstall GTA 5 in Steam to get Social Club installed. Yes, that's right, I had to use Steam to get Rockstar's launcher and store working in order to buy a game not available on Steam.

So then I tried to buy Read Dead 2... they have 0 problems taking my money, but no ability to actually add the game to my account. I'm still greeted with a "BUY NOW" button a day later. I've requested a refund, let's see if I ever get a response...

Rockstar has totally blown it. They're like some fat over fed dragon sitting on a pile of gold, and this is what they shit out to buy and access their games? They create vast 3D worlds with obsessive levels of detail, but they can't create a working storefront and game launcher?

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