PSA : PGR is well supported on Tap-Tap store

(Sorry wrong manipulation on reddit app which is utter shite on ipad) SO what I wanted to say is that Tap-Tap alternative store has grown tremendously over the years. It has 2 majors benefits over google play

1/ It is supported by ads, and developer will get 100% of proceeds rather than the regular 70% from apple & google stores. If you want to maximize your support to a studio for a game you love, Tap-Tap is the way to go (unfortunately it’s only for Android users). Many major games such as genshin impact have chosen this store for distribution, and PGR follows that trend, with simultaneous release on all 3 stores.

2/ Contrarily to apple & google store who have dropped the ball of discoverability, taptap, initially known for its hardcore gamers reviews, is including many interesting features to facilitate discovery of good games, provide info on global vs local servers and languages supported etc. Plus interface is top notch. Typically I’ve been able to play Puzzle & dragons which has been removed from european servers years ago.

More competition is always welcome for consumers, and for those who are not familiar yet with taptap, it’s really maturing into a great alternative store and is definitely somthing to look into for hardcore gacha lovers and people who want to maximize the gamedev shares.

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