PSA: Please drive responsibly in inclement weather. This @$$hat spun his BMW SUV on the highway. Luckily no damage or collision.

Nope, you don't make any sense. I will never cause the flow of traffic to slow down because I won't move right. I never get anyone riding my bumper because I'm always driving faster than everyone else and usually I'm the one maneuvering around slow people in the left lane.

What I'm taking about is people doing this during the California storm we're having here right now. Traffic is flowing at 60-70 because of how bad everything is flooded and how much people are hydroplaning. There is always 3-5 accidents on my way to work when it rains this hard. Then you get someone who found enough space to accelerate to 90mph and they start riding bumpers/cutting everyone off pressuring them to go faster, increasing the odds of someone hydroplaning into a fucking wall.

Did you not watch the video? I'm not talking about holding people back in normal traffic who want to go a little bit faster. I'm talking about idiots like that in rush hour traffic. I still don't try to hold them back, but there is literally nowhere for me to go in traffic to move out of their way so them riding my bumper and creating a dangerous situation is valid?

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