PSA: VideoLab updated their "Man of Steel IN COLOR" YouTube video's description admitting "footage 90% the end of the day, this is a comedy video and no one should be taking it so seriously."

Given your subsequent edits I'd posit that you seem to be the one who is more obsessed with the issue of karma than I will ever be. I'm certainly not going to waste time looking through your account for any excuse to try and snarkily attack you, rather than just addressing the topic at hand. You're just embarrassing yourself behaving that way. Perhaps this is another example of how seriously you take things that shouldn't be.


Why does anyone find anything entertaining? It's pointless to argue on subjective taste as if it were fact (though you seem to be trying as hard as possible). Regardless, I don't find the video particularly humorous, my point is how unnecessary it is to so vehemently attack the creators of a silly youtube video to the point where they have to issue this kind of statement.

They aren't publishing faulty research that could lead to people being put in danger through bad advice. They are pointing out how they'd like (in their own taste and preference) a hollywood movie to look.... Oh heavens! Does that really require hate and insults? Why would a video like this need "peer-review" level scrutiny?

Do you think every factually presented anecdote in entertainment should be true? Exaggeration comes with the terriotory. Regardless, as well as not being professional colorists, they aren't professional comedians either. It isn't a crime to fall flat on your delivery, but jumping straight to malicious authorial intent because of it is ridiculous. That said, they only ever say the video is supposed to be "goofy and entertaining" not a laugh riot.

Something like this should never even need "damage control". If people took it completely seriously and are now butthurt to find out that it actually wasn't supposed to be then that's on them.

Everywhere you turn now it seems that someone has to issue an apology or statement for some non existent and invented outrage. I understand that the anonymous voices on the internet love having any excuse to seem smart, have something to argue about or someone to mob up against. It's just a shame they can't use that energy for some cause genuinely worthwhile rather than as meaningless as this.

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