Pseudoscience and scams

You can believe what you would like, but I never suffered from any thyroid problems until I had the Mirena. I’m not saying all types of birth control cause thyroid problems , I’m only saying I believe the Mirena caused mine. I had been on birth control for over 20 years and did fine with the majority of the oral contraceptives. I took the advice of my doctor and got a Mirena and that’s when the problems began. I had regular blood work every year and was perfectly healthy until I had the IUD inserted. I talked to my doctor about it and she dismissed my problems. I’m not the only woman who believes the Mirena caused their thyroid problems. It was a doctor who told me there were lawsuits against Mirena for this very thing.

I’m done arguing with you. I know my body and my health. I also know the hell I went through for a decade and I now know how great it feels to be myself again. I think it’s wonderful birth control saved you. Please respect my story too.

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