Psilocybin combined with psychological support might correct pessimism biases in depression - The psychedelic drug psilocybin could help alleviate depression by causing people to have a less pessimistic outlook on life, according to new preliminary research.

I'm not going to give my own anecdotes because, well, this is /r/science, but I have used psilocybin in various forms and in various "settings". Each time is different, that's all I'll say.

As for seeing others use it, I have realized psilocybin, LSD, DMT and many other hallucinogens have profound effects on the psyche that can last a considerable amount of time; months, years, in some cases the rest of the user's life.

What these drugs remind me of is the fictional drug "Soma" in Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World. The world was a caste system, arguably dystopian by design, and yet the citizens were able to remain complacent and cooperative with regular doses of the Soma drug. There were many other strategies of maintaining order, but Soma was the preferred method for most citizens.

I am forced to wonder if these drugs are actually improving our perceptions and well-being, or if we are simply so overwhelmed with the experience that we can be pushed into believing we feel better. SSRIs and antipsychotics do the same, as do opioids, barbitutes and benzodiazepines for pain; ketamine and MDMA for trauma, addiction and depression; and then of course your "traditional" drugs like Ayahuasca and peyote for severe anxiety and crippling addictions.

Even if the drugs help, why do they help? And is it really okay to let all these problems manifest because we can "simply drug" the victims? It seems a bit reckless, like speeding because you have seatbelts.

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