PSV / Napoli Career Mode S5E2

Season 5 Episode 3 

At the end of December, with 17 matches played, Juventus lead the league with 43 points. In second is Inter on 36, and we sit third on 34. Roma and Milan make up the top 5 with 32 and 30 points, respectively. In cup competitions, we are set to play Palermo in the TIM Cup Round of 16, while also set to play Rubin Kazan in the Euro League Round of 32, after going 5-0-1 to win our group. 

January 2019

W 4-0 vs. Sampdoria (Wijnaldum 2, Bender, Embolo)

A great performance all around, we manage to keep a clean sheet for once. 

W 3-1 @ Sassuolo (Vargas, Depay, Narsingh)

So close to a second consecutive clean sheet, but the AI was given a soft penalty in the 79' and I dove the wrong way. 

W 2-1 vs. Palermo (Coman 2)

The reserve squad sees us through to the next round of the TIM Cup as we survive a late surge by Palermo. I've been matched with Inter in the quarter final round. 

W 4-0 vs. Hellas Veronas (Embolo 2, Depay, Bender)

Hopefully this is a good sign that Depay is starts to score more. 

W 2-1 @ Cagliari (Narsingh, Wijnaldum)

Another win keeps us rolling and keeps the pressure on Juventus for the league title. 

W 2-1 vs. Inter (Depay, Narsingh)

Depay and Narsingh save us in the Dutch Cup as we come back with two goals after 70' played. 

Transfers In

Not much to add to the squad, though the big signing was that of CAM Isco, on a whopping €200K pre-contract, he represents a major upgrade that will play alongside Wijnaldum. LW Kishna also joins from Ajax, on a €70K pre-contract. Coman has been winging for more playing time, so he may move on next season. 

I also made a move for ST Milano Wormgoor, a young Dutch striker that bears a striking resemblance to ST Huuntelaar (wink wink). The move cost me €10.5M, and signs a €45K contract. 

Transfers Out

I tried to get Wormgoor out on loan after I purchased him, but no bites. I also tried to sell CDM Bender and CB Djourou, but there weren't any bites. 

ST Vargas has refused to sign a new contract because he feels we are under performing, despite us being on track to complete our objectives. Thankfully, no one signed him on a pre-contract, which is what I was worried about. 

February 2019

W 3-2 vs. Milan (Vargas, Zelalem, Embolo)

Milan punished me on a free kick just outside the box to make it 2-2, but then Vargas made a blistering run down the wing and scored the winner as it rolled in off the post. Schär is out three weeks with a sprained ankle. 

D 4-4 @ Juventus (Vargas 3, Depay)

The reserve squad scores an incredible 4 away goals in the first leg of the TIM Cup. It looked to end 4-3 until I was gifted a penalty in the 90' which Depay blasted into the top left corner. 

L 4-2 @ Parma (Vargas, Gnabry)

We were leading 1-0 at half and looked to take another 3 points, but the AI suddenly changed gears and scored 3 unanswered goals. 

W 2-0 @ Sampdoria (Depay, Wormgoor)

Depay scored from the spot in the first half, and Wormgoor would come off the bench and score his first for the club in his debut. 

W 3-2 @ Rubin Kazan (Vargas, Gnabry, Zelalem)

We almost blew a 2-0 lead after 80' when the AI was given a soft penalty and then scored on a header from a corner, but Zelalem won it for us at the last in the first leg of the Euro League Round of 32. 

D 1-1 vs. Juventus (Embolo)

We come close to closing the gap on first placed Juventus, but they leveled it up close to the end and we didn't have enough time to score a winner. 

D 1-1 (4-3) vs. Rubin Kazan (Jozefzoon)

Rubin Kazan gave me more of a challenge than I expected, but a Jozefzoon goal sees me into the Round of 16 against Olympique Lyonnais. 

End feb 25 matches Juve 61 nap 53 inter 50 Milan 48 roma 47

Lyon round of 16 Juve second leg 4-4 aggregate 

Embolo 17 Llorente 16 Vargas 15 Embolo 14 Dembélé 9 Begović Zoet 9 Trapp 6

March 2019

W 3-2 vs. Fiorentina (Wijnaldum 2, Depay)

We grabbed two early, but they leveled it up by the end of half. A switch of formation and throwing men forward, and Wijnaldum scored the winner in the 88'. 

L 5-4 (9-8) vs. Juventus (Embolo 2, Coman, Vargas)

Juventus just scores at will, Tevez and Vidal are unstoppable. 

W 5-1 @ Genoa (Embolo 2, Depay, Narsingh, Bender)

A nice comfortable win to keep our position in second place in the league. 

W 5-0 vs. Lyon (Depay 2, Embolo 2, Bender)

We look comfortably through to the quarter finals of the Euro League with a dismantling of Lyon, who ironically have both Luuk de Jong and Michy Batshuayi (loan) in the squad. 

W 4-2 @ Atalanta (Embolo 2, Narsingh, Wijnaldum)

A come from behind win as we were down 2-1 at the break. Embolo continues his fine form in front of goal. 

D 1-1 @ Lyon (Vargas)

I honestly simmed this because it's not worth paying when I'm up 5-0 on aggregate. Athletic Bilbao have been announced as my Euro League quarterfinal opponent. 

W 4-1 @ Udinese (Wijnaldum 2, Embolo, Depay)

An early penalty and red card for Udinese, and that is all she wrote as we take advantage of a Juventus loss to close the gap to 5 points with 9 league fixtures remaining. 

D 1-1 vs. Athletic Bilbao (Embolo)

It looked bleak heading to Spain down 1-0, but Embolo scored right on the stroke of full time to get an important equalizer. Bad news however as Embolo has been ruled out for three weeks with a sprained knee, and Narsingh is out 9 days with a bruised shoulder. 

W 1-0 @ Inter (Depay)

Not much trouble without Embolo or Narsingh in the lineup to increase the gap between 2nd and 3rd. 

W 2-0 (3-1) @ Athletic Bilbao (Depay 2)

A Depay double sees us through to the next round against CSKA Moskva. 

W 2-1 vs. Lazio (Vargas, Embolo)

Another important win to keep us chugging along. 

W 2-0 @ Roma (Embolo, Depay)

A much easier match then expected, Trapp gets his 10th clean sheet of the season. 

L 3-1 vs. Cesena (Vargas)

And then we come crashing down with a loss to soon to be relegated Cesena. 

L 2-1 vs. CSKA Moskva (Vargas)

Vargas gets a consolation goal as we give up two away goals in the first leg. 

W 3-0 vs. Palermo (Depay, Narsingh, Gnabry)

Three different goal scorers help take advantage of a Juventus loss to close the gap to 5 points. 

May 2019

L 2-1 (4-2) @ CSKA Moskva (Embolo)

And just like that, we are out of the Euro League again in frustrating fashion. 

W 1-0 @ Torino (Embolo)

We eek out a close win right at the last with an Embolo penalty. 

W 3-1 vs. Chievo Verona (Embolo, Vargas, Depay)

The gap between 1st and 2nd is now just 3 points. I've since locked up at least second, as Inter are 7 back with two remaining. 

D 1-1 @ Catania (Vargas)

Frustrating draw to a mid table side as they are given a soft penalty in the 79' and we are unable to sort things out. Juventus won so I have to settle for second. 

W 3-0 vs. Sassuolo (Embolo 2, Vargas)


League Leaders

Embolo 24 Vargas 21 Embolo 15 Tevez 11 Zoet 15 Trapp 12 

Juventus 38-28-5-5-64-89 Napoli 38-28-3-7-44-87 Inter 38-24-7-7-42-79 Roma 38-23-9-6-42-78 Milan 38-21-9-8-27-72

Chievo Verona, Hellas Verona, and Cesena relegated. 

Livorno, Pescara, and Empoli promoted

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