Psych wants to manage symptoms with benzos, i am terrified of becoming dependant

Know that you have tremendous maturity and self love to admit fear of developing an addiction. That is a big sign that you might benefit from the medication, but of course it is easier to never start than it is to stop.

You could express your concerns lightly to your doc and have them monitor you heavily if you decide to try taking benzos, but you know yourself best. They are not a viable long term solution whatsoever. In my personal experience, these pills are totally addictive and become a nightmare for some. I was prescribed .25mg Xanax at age 18 and it ruined my life because I went on to abuse them for the next 3-4 years while hiding it from my doctors. If you are smarter, and take benzos as prescribed daily or on an as needed basis - even then they are difficult and dangerous to stop taking one day. It involves a whole tapering down the mg's so as not go through the dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

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