Psych Ward Trip at 16 years old

I was hospitalized when I had a severe bout of depression. I was in a pretty good room by myself, and was pretty much left alone, since I wasn't acting like a thug, and tried to keep to myself.

One day, this girl gets assigned to my room. She was pretty young, maybe freshman in college. She had broken her foot jumping out of her balcony, and her parents had her committed.

Not really über strange or anything, but I felt like her mom was crazier than her daughter. The lady came up to me and asked me to talk to her daughter and engage her because her daughter was 'bored'. I get that the lady was looking out for her kid, but she didn't know why I was in there, and I had my own shit to take care of, I wasn't about to take on a role of someone else's babysitter.

I complained to the nurse, because I wanted to be left alone, so I got a new room. At the time, I was almost anorexic looking, because I barely ate from the depression. I was settled and reading a book, when they escort this huge woman into my room, who immediately starts cursing me out, telling me to GTFO of her room!! (Maybe babysitting wasn't that bad, after all). The nurses/wards ask me to leave, and I am finally assigned a new room.

However, the huge woman who had been threatening me didn't end up in that room, either. She earned herself a shot in the ass and a special room, just for her, which locked her in. I remember her pounding on the doors and screaming the whole time.

I remember asking the dr during his rounds why they couldn't get her to STFU, as it was distressing for everyone to listen to that. I don't remember the exact wording, but he alluded that she'd been given some heavy tranquilizer so, and at this point, it was just a waiting game. He allowed me to drink a Pepsi that day. I remember how much more depressing it was to be excited to be allowed a soft drink.

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