Psychedelic Trauma & Soul Loss

Yeah so I went on a 2 week long Heavy Lsd binge. Still high from it probably have Hppd now whatever that really is besides the visuals. But anyway I've noticed that something in the trees is calling to me. I'll walk to the woods in the night, stare into the abyss of black behind the branches, then go home and keep tripping, and I'm a little bit different each time.

One side of me loves the forest and the other is terrified. Which one should I choose to go with? I don't really care about the human world that much it's just a reincarnation matrix with energy and regular vampires everywhere. But the human thoughts I have are scared of what I might become if I decide to choose what's in the woods over my humanity. But at the same time that freedom is tempting.

Or maybe I'm going insane because of drugs? Thoughts?

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