Psychedelics - What trips have you had?

I've tripped six or seven times on mushrooms. First trip was at a Brit Floyd show in Toronto on 2g, felt great and had some mild visuals, nothing much.

Then I had a couple of shroom hikes (2g every time) with a friend and we would get these "brain shocks" at the same time when we would touch a tree or see something beautiful. Those trips cemented what I wanted to go to university for.

Then I took mushrooms at a Phil Lesh show. Not sure how much, it was some great fudge I bought from a dude walking around the festival. The comeup was during Billy Kreutzman's set and it made everything turn orange. I saw a shirt of Albert Einstein with this crazy multi coloured energy coming out of his house and I got a big brain shock and threw my head back to lay down. The patterns in the clouds were amazing and I got up to walk around with my dad. The sunset was unbelievable and everything was great until my dad told me that we were gonna split the tab I bought earlier. I love my dad but the concept of tripping with my parent made me very uncomfortable so that brought me down a bit. Phil Lesh came on and killed it. During their set, Warren Haynes told the crowd to look up and it was a meteor shower on a completely clear night. I started thinking about life and our existence and had an existential crisis. That was round 2 of my freak out. I had also been dealing with substance abuse in my family and my own mental health issues and drug use and seeing everyone stumble around all fucked up made me start to ball my eyes out. As a result of that trip, I only use occasionally and have become a happier person.

Then I took 3.5 g with a friend one night. THAT was fucking psychedelic. Not meaningful in any way. Just crazy cool. Listened to some Dead and Pink Floyd. I became part of the couch and my friend looked like a Hindu deity. We turned on Samsara and we both balled our eyes out. Not cause we were sad or happy, just becasue it was so damn beautiful. Until the clay man scene. We were literally screaming our heads off at 2 am on a Wednesday

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