Psychology study finds being a dick makes people upset! Breaking news...

We're going to solve all of societies problems by only looking at the actions of one gender. I wish BOTH genders would analyse their actions, rather than claiming all the worlds problems are caused by someone else.

So people are to feel safe in calling out unacceptable behaviour. Sounds noble. Who is to judge what constitues unacceptable behaviour? Can you stare at somebody in public? How about glancing? How about multiple repeated glancing? How about an accidental prolonged glance? Is sustained eye contact offensive? Some people would say that a glance is enough to be called unacceptable, others may view this as nothing and draw the line at groping. How do you deal with "unacceptable behaviour" when it originates from somebody you're attracted to? The rules must be different for a boyfriend over a stranger. Who decides where the barrier for this lies?

I don't understand how one can speak in idealistic definites when dealing with an incredibly complicated matter like this.

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