PSYOP pipeline

PSYOPS selection is pretty much the same as civ affairs. It’s not that rigorous physically. Where most people have trouble in psyops is with the additional schools like SERE and some others. Best thing you can do to train up is a lot of pushups sit-ups and runs. Pretty standard stuff. As for language school, it’s based off how you score on the DLAB. If you don’t get a good score you might not even be eligible, if you get a good score there’s a classification of difficulty assigned to each language. Harder tier 3-4 languages are about 1-2 years of just language school. Don’t let the recruiter trick you into thinking you can only sign up for that job unless you sign for long term contracts. He’s lying. If your language school takes longer than your contract, you will get extended till you pass or you will fail out/recycle to a different job

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