Public accusations of sexual misconduct shouldn't be allowed

In your system, there would be situations where it is illegal to tell the truth. Think about that.

There would be situations where a guilty rapist is roaming the streets, potentially for months on end, and nobody is allowed to say anything or do anything about it. People like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein would never be arrested because nobody would come forward.

Imagine being raped and being forced to stay silent about it, lying awake at night knowing that your rapist is out there and you are not allowed to tell anybody about it.

Sure, they can infer whatever they want.

Then what is even the point of this law? If I can just say "Well, I'm not saying Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted me- but we're going to a special secret trial that only takes place in the cases of sexual assaults" then that's what is going to be reported and everyone will assume that Spacey is on trial for sexual assault anyway. How are you expecting to keep it a secret?

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