Public Hospital personnel ignore the family of a dying patient in Mexico: "He has renal insufficiency, it's not COVID"

G-d gives us the tools to end suffering, and he works through Natural circumstances. You don't pray to have a big bag of money on your door, you pray to get a job and the ability to provide. People suffer as a result of humans, not G-d. People ask "Oh why do kids die then" or "Why is there hunger in Africa!" when we could band together as humanity and provide food for all and end hunger, or dedicate world resources to curing diseases one by one, etc. God gave us the ability to do so, yet we with our free will we don't. People think g-d is going to help them like a magical fairy, when in reality g-d helps through natural order of life. He gave us the tools and we don't use them as efficiently as humanity could and then we blame him for our failures.

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